Reading List

Spring Term 2023

Monday 13th Feb, 18:00-19:00 GMT
Yvette Rowe & Anthony Frampton (2022) Erased and Misremembered: Exhuming the Colonial Broadcasting of Una Marson, Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 29:1, 61-79, DOI: 10.1080/19376529.2021.1960351
Monday 27th Feb, 18:00-19:00 GMT
Kyle J. Miller, Kim Fox, David O. Dowling (2022) From Black Lives Matter to COVID-19: Daily news podcasts and the reinvention of audio reporting. Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media, 20:2, pp: 131-152. DOI: 10.1386/rjao_00063_1
Monday 13th March, 18:00-19:00 GMT
Victoria Hoover (2022) The Missing Narrator: Fictional Podcasting and Kaleidosonic Remediation in Gimlet’s Homecoming, Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 29:2, 256-273, DOI: 10.1080/19376529.2020.1762195
Monday 27th March, 18:00-19:00 GMT
Mohammed Faisal Amadu and Amin Alhassa (2018) Community radio in rural development in North-eastern Ghana: the experiences of radio Gaakii in the Saboba district. International Research Journal of Social Sciences, 7:5, pp. 1-12,


Autumn Term 2021

The MeCCSA Radio Studies Network Online Reading Group takes place in short terms of fortnightly hour-long meetings. Our new term for Autumn 2021 is being led by Jerry Padfield with support from Jude McInerney.

4th October 2021 11am

Erin Cory and Hugo Boothby (2020).  ‘Sounds like “home”: The synchrony and dissonance of podcasting as boundary object’ in Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media Volume 19 Number 1, pp. 117-136. DOI: 10.1386/rjao_00037_1

18th of October  8:30pm [NB: time change]

Bronwyn Beatty and Brian Pauling (2021) ‘“A Unique and Forward-Looking Sector”: Reflecting on 30 Years of Community Access Radio in Aotearoa New Zealand’, in JRAM, Vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 67–85. DOI: 10.1080/19376529.2020.1849221

1st November 11am

Katie Moylan (2021) ‘Coming to voice: Community radio production as critical pedagogy’. European Journal of Cultural Studies. DOI: 10.1177/13675494211003203 

15th of November 

Peter C. Ikegbunam and Fabian I. Agudosy (2021). ‘Cultivating Biafran agenda in Nigeria: Evaluation of the influence of radio Biafra’s rhetoric of ethnic marginalization on rural dwellers in the South-east’. Journal of Media and Communication Studies.


Spring 2021

Monday 24th May

Linje Manyozo (2016) ‘The pedagogy of listening’ in Development in Practice, Vol. 26, No. 7, 954–959

Monday 7th June

Deborah Gabriel (2016) ‘Blogging while Black, British and female: a critical study on discursive activism’ in Information Communication and Society

DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2016.1146784


Monday 21st June

Yohannes Shiferaw Jira (2020). ‘Rural women’s radio listening behavior and program preferences in SNNPRS, the case of Sidama and Gedeo Zones’ in Journal of Media and Communication Studies, 12(4), 39-45.


Monday 5th July (in collaboration with the Podcast Studies PhD Network)

Tzlil Sharon & Nicholas A. John (2019) “Imagining An Ideal Podcast Listener” in Popular Communication, 17:4, 333-347, DOI: 10.1080/15405702.2019.1610175


Autumn 2020

Monday 2nd Nov

Catherine R. Squires (2000)  ‘Black Talk Radio. Defining Community Needs and Identity’ in The International Journal of Press/Politics, Vol 5, issue 2, 73-95 

16th Nov

Peter Mhagama (2015) ‘Donor Funding to Community Radio Stations in Malawi and its Impact on their Performance’ in Journal of Southern African Studies, 2015, Vol. 41, No. 6, 1301–1314,

30th Nov

Fox, K., Dowling, D. O., & Miller, K. (2020). A Curriculum for Blackness: Podcasts as Discursive Cultural Guides, 2010-2020. Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 0(0), 1–21.

14th Dec

Hayes Mabweazara (2015) ‘A clash of cultures:’ pirate radio convergence and reception in Africa’. In: Atton, C. (ed.) The Routledge Companion to Alternative and Community Media. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group: London, pp. 494-504. ISBN 9780415644044

Spring 2020
Monday 27th April
Correia, Rute; Vieira, Jorge; Aparicio, Manuela (2019) ‘Community radio stations sustainability model: An open-source solution’ in Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media, Volume 17, Number 1, pp. 29-45(17) [DOI:


Monday, 11th May

Paula Serafini (2019) Community Radio as a Space of Care: An Ecofeminist Perspective on Media Production in Environmental Conflicts. International Journal of Communication 13(2019), 5444–5462 [1932 –8036/20190005]

Monday, 25th May

Emma Heywood (2020) Radio Journalism and Women’s Empowerment in Niger, Journalism Studies, [DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2020.1745668]

Summer 2019
Friday 19th July

Carolyn Birdsall. (2018). Worlding the Archive: Radio Collections, Heritage Frameworks, and Selection Principles. In: Golo Föllmer/Alexander Badenoch (Eds.), Transnationalizing Radio Research (197-208). Bielefeld: transcript Verlag.

Friday 2nd August

Kristine Ringsager. (2018). Voicing world music on Danish radio. Ethnomusicology Forum, 27(3), 344–361.

Friday 16th August

Danny Kaplan. (2009). The Songs of the Siren: Engineering National Time on Israeli Radio. Cultural Anthropology, 24(2), 313–345.

Friday 23rd August (please note just one week’s gap since the previous meeting)

Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw. (2018). ‘Traveling-in-dwelling, dwelling-in-traveling’: producing multicultural Canada through narrations of mobility on CBC Radio’s Fuse. Ethnomusicology Forum, 27(3), 323–343.


Spring 2019
Friday 17th May
Tiziano Bonini et al. (2014) ‘Radio formats and social media use in Europe – 28 case studies of public service practice’ in The Radio Journal – International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media, Volume 12 (1 & 2), 89-107.
Friday 31st May
Lei Guo (2017) ‘Exploring the Link Between Community Radio and the Community: A Study of Audience Participation in Alternative Media Practices’ in Communication, Culture & Critique, 10(1), 112-130.
Friday 14th June

Anne Blaakilde (2018). ‘The becoming of radio bodies’. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 21(3), 290–304.

Friday 28th June
Anne O’Brien & Jane Suiter (2017). ‘Best and worst practice: a case study
of qualitative gender balance in Irish broadcasting’. Media, Culture & Society, 39(2), 259–269.

Winter 2019
Our next term will begin in February 2019, with our interim chair, Kim Fox, while Helen Gubbins is on leave (though she will be back mid-2019!).
This term, we will meet at 8:30am GMT/UTC.
We will review the following articles:


Friday 8th February
Mia Lindgren. “Personal narrative journalism and podcasting.” Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media, 14(1): 23-41, 2016.
Friday 22nd February
Jacqueline Ewart. “Local people, local places, local voices and local spaces: How talkback radio in Australia provides hyper-local news through mini-narrative sharing.” Journalism, 15(6): 790–807, 2014.


Friday 8th March
Vincent Meserko. “The pursuit of authenticity on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.” Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 29(6), 796–810, 2015.


Friday 22nd March
John Hartley and Tanya Notley. “User-led Content and Self-creating Communities: History Repeating Itself? Understanding “Internet Radio” in the Context of the Development of Radio. In Healy, SiananGoodman, David, & Berryman, Bruce (Eds.) Radio in the World: Radio Conference 2005, August 2005, RMIT University, Melbourne.

Autumn 2018
Our next term will begin in October 2018, and will have a new chair, Kim Fox, while Helen Gubbins goes on leave (though she will be back mid-2019!).
This term, for the most part, we will meet at 9:30am Irish/British Standard Time.
However, for our last meeting on Friday, 2nd November, we will meet at 08:30 UTC/GMT.
We will review the following articles:
Friday 5th October
Christina Baade. “Lean back: Songza, ubiquitous listening and Internet music radio for the masses.” Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media, 16(1): 9-28, 2018.
Friday 12th October
Richard Berry. “‘Just Because You Play a Guitar and Are from Nashville Doesn’t Mean You Are a Country Singer’: The Emergence of Medium Identities in Podcasting.” Podcasting: New Aural Cultures and Digital Media, p. 15-33, 2018.
Friday 26th October
Friday 2nd November (NOTE: The time change in the UK)
Gary Ferrington. “Audio Design: Creating Multi-Sensory Images For the Mind, Journal of Visual Literacy.” 14(1): 61-67, DOI: 10.1080/23796529.1994.11674490, 1994.

(Previous terms)

Summer 2018
This term, we will meet at 9:30am Irish/British Standard Time and review the following articles:
Friday 11th May
Jonathan Sterne. “Chapter 1: Sonic Imaginations” in The Sound Studies Reader, ed. Jonathan Sterne, Routledge, 2012.
Friday 18th May
Siobhán McHugh. “The Affective Power of Sound: Oral History on Radio.” The Oral History Review, 39(2): 187-206, 2012.
Friday 25th May
Maureen Sinton. “No Longer One-to-Many: How Web 2.0 Interactivity is Changing Public Service Radio’s Relationship with its Audience.” Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 25:1, 62-76, DOI: 10.1080/19376529.2017.1370713, 2018.
Friday 1st June
Helen Gubbins. “Encoding authenticity in radio music: Renfro Valley Barn Dance and Kentucky Folk Music.” Ethnomusicology Ireland. Issue. 5: 15-30, 2017. Weblink
Friday 8th June

Kate Lacey. “Ten years of radio studies: The very idea.” Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media. 6(1): 21-32, 2009.

Spring 2018

Friday 26th January

Scifo, Salvatore (2014). ‘Communication rights as a networking reality: Community Radio in Europe,’ in Padovani, C. and Calabrese, A., eds. Communication Rights and Social Justice. Historical Accounts of Transnational Mobilizations. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 164-179.

Friday 2nd February 2018

Maclennan, Anne (2005). ‘What do the radio program schedules reveal? Content analysis versus accidental sampling in early Canadian radio history,’ in Jeff Keshen and Sylvie Perrier, eds. Bâtir de nouveaus ponts: sources, méthodes et interdisciplinarité/ Building New Bridges: Sources, Methods, and Interdisciplinarity. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press: 225-238.

Friday 9th February 2018

Lax, Stephen (2017). ‘Different standards: engineers’ expectations and listener adoption of digital and FM radio broadcasting,’ in Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 24 (1). pp. 28-44.

Friday 16th February 2018

Gordon, Janey (2007). ‘Community Radio, Funding and Ethics,’ in The International Journal of Regional and Local Studies, 3:2, 23-40, DOI: 10.1179/jrl.2007.3.2.23

Friday 23rd February 2018

****Please note that the time for this week’s session has been changed to 9:30am GMT (i.e. it will begin a half hour later than usual)****

Medrado, Andrea & Souza, Renata (2017). ‘Sonic Oppression, Echoes of Resistance and the Changing Soundscapes of Rio’s Favelas in the Build-Up to the Olympics,’ in Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 24:2, 289-301, DOI: 10.1080/19376529.2017.1336766

Winter Term 2017

Friday 24th November:

Lacey, Kate (2011). “Listening Overlooked,” in Javnost – The Public, 18:4, 5-20, DOI: 10.1080/13183222.2011.11009064

Friday 1st December:

Lewis, Tyson E. (2017). “Walter Benjamin’s radio pedagogy,” in Thesis Eleven, 142(1), 18-33, DOI:10.1177/0725513617727891.

Friday 8th December:

Crisell, Andrew (2005). “Future histories: some speculations,” in An introductory history of British broadcasting (2nd ed.). London: Routledge, (277-293).

Friday 15th December:

Mitchell, Caroline (2000). “Sisters are doing it…. from Fem FM to Viva! A History of Contemporary Women’s Radio Stations in the UK” in Women and Radio: Airing Differences, ed. Caroline Mitchell, (94-110).

Autumn Term 2017

Friday 13th October:

Lindgren, Mia (2014). “Radio journalism as research – a Ph.D. model,” in The Radio Journal – International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media, 12 (1, 2). (Also available here)

Friday 20th October:

Pickard, Victor (2017). “A Social Democratic Vision of Media: Toward a Radical Pre-History of Public Broadcasting,” in Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 24(2), 200-212.

Friday 27th October:

Berry, Richard (2016). “Podcasting: Considering the evolution of the medium and its association with the word ‘radio’,” in The Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media, 14 (1), 7-22. (Also available here)

Friday 3rd November:

Western, Tom (2015). “Securing the aural border: fieldwork and interference in post-war BBC audio nationalism,” in Sound Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 1 (1).

Friday 10th November:

Berland, Jody (1990). “Radio space and industrial time: music formats, local narratives and technological mediation,” in Popular Music, 9(2), 179–192.